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K-Tape Cut20 Beige

22 Pre-Cuts (20cm x 5cm)

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K-Tape Cut20

K-Tape Cut was created for professional healthcare workers and their patients for easy applications. K-Tape Cut is a high-quality cotton tape with wave-like acrylic coating for professional use. It is skin-friendly, water-resistant, permeable to sweat and breathable. It is medication-free and contains no active ingredients. K-Tape Cut is coated with the professional Physiobond adhesive and contains no latex. Used and recommended by the K-Taping Academy.

Product Details

Class: Class 1 medical device / SGS tested / Basic UDI-DI: 426016822 0016K
Material: 96% cotton, 4% spandex and Physiobond acrylic glue
Content: 22 Stripes each 20cm x 5cm (4,4m)
Color: Beige

Product variants

Sizes: Cut15, Cut20, Cut30
Colors: Beige, Red, Blue & Black
Packs: Cut15 with 30 stripes each 15cm x 5cm / Cut20 with 22 stripes each 20cm x 5cm / Cut30 with 15 stripes each 30cm x 5cm


Note: Do not apply on wounds or skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis). For patients with sensitive skin issues, you should test for compatibility with tape. Find more details here
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